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Certificates Required

  • Certified Australian Death Certificate
  • Embalming Certificate by a qualified licensed embalmer
  • Statutory Declaration of the manner that the casket is sealed, wrapped and prepared for air carriage.
  • Non-Infectious Certificate by a qualified Medical Practitioner or Coroner


Consular Restrictions/Requirements

  • The death certificate must be certified by the Portuguese Consulate.
  • The remains are required to be shipped in a metal coffin with 5cm of peat, sawdust, powered charcoal that has had an antiseptic agent added to it.
  • If the cause of death was as a result of a contagious disease, the remains must be wrapped in a cloth soaked with antiseptic solution
  • .The metal coffin must be hermetically sealed and place into a closely fitted wooden coffin. The walls need to be at least 3cm thick and the joints have to be watertight.
  • The lid will be fastened by screws 20cm apart and then strengthened by metal bands.



  • Documentation can be in English, French or Portuguese