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Certificates Required

  • Certified Australian Death Certificate
  • Embalming Certificate by a qualified licensed embalmer
  • Statutory Declaration of the manner that the casket is sealed, wrapped and prepared for air carriage.
  • Non-Infectious Certificate by a qualified Medical Practitioner or Coroner


Consular Restrictions/Requirements

  • If the remains are to be buried, a Certificate of Burial from the cemetery where burial will take place is required. To apply for the certificate, the following information is needed:- Death Certificate and “Leichenpass” (from a competent authority at the place of death or from a German Diplomatic Representation) stating the name and age of deceased and the place, date and cause of death.
  • For ashes a Death Certificate and a Cremation Certificate from the qualified authorities at place of death and/or cremation.
  • Please note: where a Death Certificate was not issued by German Representatives, a certified German translation needs to be given to Customs Authorities in Germany.
  • The outer coffin must be waterproof and a wall thickness of 2.4cms and be hermetically sealed and metal binded. It needs to be fastened by screws at 20cm intervals and have an immovable metal inner coffin bottom. The coffin bottom needs to be covered in a thick layer (5cm) of acid resisting substance (eg sawdust, peat) mixed with an antiseptic substance.
  • If a contagious disease was the cause of death, the remains need to be completely wrapped in antiseptic linen.





  • Documents can be in English, German or French.



  • Room available for storage of human remains at some German Airports.