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Fiji Islands

Certificates Required

  • Certified Australian Death Certificate
  • Embalming Certificate by a qualified licensed embalmer
  • Statutory Declaration of the manner that the casket is sealed, wrapped and prepared for air carriage.
  • Non-Infectious Certificate by a qualified Medical Practitioner or Coroner


Consular Restrictions/Requirements

  • Before acceptance, cause of death has to be established and documented on the Doctors Certificate. A Mortician Certificate must also accompany the shipment.
  • The coffin needs to be hermetically sealed in a metal lined casket of either zinc, lead or bronze. For trans-shipment to a regional airport, at least one weeks notice needs to be given.
  • If cremated an additional Certificate of Cremation and Cause of Death Certificate must accompany the ashes and export documents.





  • If transit time is more than 3 hours, then FJD 400.00 applies. This charge shall be collected and shown on the Air Waybill as due to carrier.