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Certificates Required 

  • Certified Australian Death Certificate 
  • Embalming Certificate by a qualified licensed embalmer 
  • Statutory Declaration of the manner that the casket is sealed, wrapped and prepared for air carriage. 
  • Non-Infectious Certificate by a qualified Medical Practitioner or Coroner 


Consular Restrictions/Requirements 

  • Death Certificate must state the cause of death. 
  • If cause of death was Cholera, the remains will not be allowed into Canda any earlier than 6 months from date of death. 
  • If the cause of death was Plague, the remains must be accompanied by a Death certificate, indicating the remains are free from insect vectors of the disease, before they will be allowed into Canda. 
  • If the remains have been cremated a Death Certificate is not required. 


  • Documents must be in French or English