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The People Behind Integrity Funerals.

Peter Kennedy
Funeral Director

Peter has many years of experience in the funeral profession his main focus as part of the Integrity team is Masonic Funerals of which he has had a life long passion.

Peter first entered the Freemason Fraternity as a “Lewis” at the age of 19 years. This was a proud day for his father, the late Gilbert Mc Lister Kennedy who was the at the time, the Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Moderation - No 726 (Victorian Constitution). Peter was obligated in the :

• First Degree - 14/12/1966
• Second Degree – 8 /2 /1967
• Third Degree – 12/4 /1967

As a Master Mason, Peter was also a member of the Gisborne Lodge (Victoria) and the Ocean Grove Lodge (Victoria). Peter entered Mark Master Masonry with the Edward Coulson Mark Lodge ( Kyneton, Victoria ) on the 4/2/1976. Since moving to Queensland, Peter has affi liated with the Scottish Lodge – The Stanley Lodge No 37 on the 16 April 1996 and proceeded through to become the Master of the Lodge on the 19 /6/2001 (Master for two years). Peter during this time was the Worshipful Master in the Chair of King Solomon during the successful “2002 Gathering of the Clans” in Cleveland. Peter on the 10/9/1996 became a Companion of the North Australian Royal Arch Chapter and for a short time joined the Redlands Rose Croix . Peter is a long serving Freemason and carries out his duties as a member of the fraternity in a just and upright manner. This has been shown by him by being an appointed Justice of The Peace Qualifi ed since 1995. Peter now comes to “Sprig of Acacia Masonic Funerals” as a full Nationally Qualifi ed Funeral Consultant and Administrator holding the strong values and integrity he has shown and exhibited during his Funeral Industry and Masonic career to provide a service to Masonic Bretheren and their families at their time of need and grief. Let Peter assist you in all your Masonic and Family Funeral considerations and where needed have him address your bretheren in the aspects to Funeral Home Care and the benefits to the members and their families that Sprig of Acacia Integrity Funerals can enhance.

Contact Peter Kennedy on mob: 0400 275 475

Sprig of Acacia Masonic Funerals

We understand the Masonisc way. And endeavour to adhere to every ritual and consideration due to our bretheren. more