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Masonic Sprig

Masonic Sprig of Acacia Funerals.

We understand the Masonisc way, and endeavour to adhere to every ritual and consideration due to our bretheren. The Acacia, in the mythical system of Freemasonry, is pre-eminently the symbol of the “ IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL” - that important doctrine which it is the great design of the Masonic Fraternity to teach. As the evanescent nature of the flower which “cometh forth and is cut down” reminds us of the transitory nature of human life, so the perpetual renovaton of the evergreen plant, which uninterruptedly presents the appearance of youth and vigour, is aptly compared to that spiritual life in which the soul, freed from the corruptible companionship of the body, shall enjoy an eternal spring and an immortal youth. Hence, in the impressive Funeral Service of our Masonic Order, it is said, “This evergreen is an emblem of our faith in the immortality of the soul. By this we are reminded that we have an immortal part within us, which shall survive the grave, and which shall never, never, never die. We are here to lift the burden from your shoulders. The Sprig of Acacia Masonic Funerals team (with Integrity Funerals) have their hearts set towards the compassionate care of the people and families who seek our help. Each member of the team values -


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compassion, excellence, respect for your wishes, attention to detail and support for you, our client, throughout the entire funeral process. If you have received our brochure you are most likely being faced with the death of someone important to you or the prospect of losing someone important to you soon. We would like to encourage you and give you information at this time that empowers you. There is only ever one chance to celebrate and honour the life of the person you love and we want you, as the people we serve, to be able to look back, although sometimes painfully, and remember that experience with the assurance and confidence that you have done all that you could to make the funeral a unique, personal and cherished day for your family. We are driven by providing you with a personalised funeral tailored to your wishes to help you move forward from the day with the knowledge that you have done the very best to honour and farewell your loved one. more

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