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The people behind Integrity Funerals. 

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  • Why Choose us
    Our passion to provide excellent service. The best we can offer… From your first enquiry to our last handshake, we want you to receive the best service that we can offer. When someone you love dies you look for someone you can trust to help you. The many decisions to be made at this difficult time can be burdensome.
  • The Importance of Memories
    Having a funeral service is helpful because it provides an opportunity to bring old memories together and the opportunity to make new ones. Often a momentous time during the funeral ceremony is the compilation and sharing of stories that give insight into the life of the person who has died.
  • Faced with the loss of some one
    If you are reading this you are most likely being faced with the death of someone important to you or the prospect of losing someone important to you very soon. We would like to encourage you and give you information at this time that empowers you. There is only ever one chance to celebrate and honour the life of the person you love and we want you, as the people we serve, to be able to look back, although sometimes painfully, and remember that experience with the assurance and confidence that you have done all that you could to make the funeral a unique, personal and cherished day for your family.
  • Masonic Sprig of Acacia Funerals
    We understand the Masonic way and endeavour to adhere to every ritual and consideration due to our bretheren. Visit Integrity's Sprig of Acacia Masonic Funerals
  • The People Behind Integrity funerals
    Meet the Staff of Integrity Funerals

Integrity Chappel

Integrity Funerals.

From very humble beginnings in a small office at Miami on the Gold Coast, Russell and Onni Firth opened their own funeral home, solely owned and managed by their family. This business grew over a period of time to become one of the largest and most successful privately owned funeral homes on the Gold Coast. In 2002 Russell and Onni decided to retire and started on a quest to find new owners who would continue the values and tradition of care for the families they had served for so many years, people who would maintain the business that they had invested so much of their lives towards. In October of that year they found the people that they were looking for, sold their group of companies and moved on to enjoy their retirement. The new owners decided to intertwine the heritage and traditions of the Russell Firth name with their chosen new name, Integrity Funerals, thus the current name of our firm – Russell Firth Integrity Funerals. We believe that the word Integrity represents the true heart of how a funeral should be conducted and the terms by which we operate. Integrity Funerals have the ability to perform funerals all over South East Queensland, in particular, the Gold Coast and Brisbane, but where ever your need is in Australia, we will provide assistance to you. We are here to help.