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The Funeral Contract

A key part of the funeral arrangement interview is completing and signing a contract of service and costing between you and the funeral director. This form acts as an agreement between you and the funeral director, and provides the funeral director with authority to prepare and provide the funeral service in accordance with your requests. It also specifies costs and terms of payment.

Death Registration Application.

One of the first requirements of the person in charge of the funeral arrangements is to register the death. This process, although not the same, is similar to the registration of a birth or marriage. The funeral director will complete the registration and request a certified death certificate, but you as a family will have to provide the information. An outline of the information required can be found at the back of the personal choices book.

The registration of death has a twofold purpose:

• To provide to the government statistical information for administrative and genealogical purposes; and
• To provide to the family and the estate an instrument which acts as legal proof of death.

* Please go to the Helpful Documents section of our website to see the family history information required.

Authority to Release a Deceased Person.

As a protection to you and your family, governments in all States have a form of authority for the release of deceased persons from public hospitals. This means that without the prior written consent of the person requesting the funeral, a funeral director cannot transfer the person that has died into their care. You will need to sign this form.

* Please go to the Helpful Documents section of our website to see the family history information required.