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What are disbursements?

As previously mentioned, disbursements are costs that are paid on your behalf by the funeral director. Most mainstream funeral directors accept these charges as part of the total account simply to assist you as a family to concentrate on each other and the day, rather than administering many small details. Disbursements may include the following:

  • The cost of cremation.
  • Purchasing and preparing a gravesite;
  • Certificates (registration and/or cremation);
  • Clergy or celebrant fee or offering;
  • Church costs;
  • Musician’s costs;
  • Newspaper notices;
  • Floral tributes;
  • Funeral stationery;
  • Video or photography of the funeral;
  • Mourning cars;
  • Embalming;
  • Air freight;
  • Road transport;
  • Goods and Services Tax.