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Funeral Finance.

Funeral Assist


Funeral AssistTM is our simple payment plan and it does not involve you answering any embarrassing questions about your life or your income.


What is Funeral AssistTM

Funeral AssistTM is a payment plan. Have the service immediately and spread the cost over time. You leave a small 

deposit and then we direct debit small affordable amounts form your bank account until the service has been paid for. 


Who Can Us Funeral AssistTM

Almost anyone can use Funeral AssistTM as long as you meet our simple criteria below. Aged & Veteran pensioners are 

instantly approved and self-employed people are treated equally (ABN required). 

1. Don't already have an agreement with Funeral AssistTM ,Take Home Layby, or Certegy 

2. Regular employment (30 hrs/week) or Aged or Veteran pensioner 

3. Over 18 years of age & Australian Resident with current Australian drivers licence 

4. Have a bank account 

 Takehome Layby

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