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Our site is all about funeral services, Visiting our Integrity website you are most likely faced with the death of someone important to you, or the prospect of losing that person soon. Whether this is a sudden or surprising event, or possibly a quest to gather funeral information about the process of arranging funeral service for the future. We would like to encourage you and provide you with  information at this time to empower you. There is only ever one chance to celebrate someone’s life.


We at Integrity Funerals want you, as the people we serve, to be able to look back, although sometimes painfully, and remember this experience with the assurance and confidence that you have done all you could do to make the funeral a personal, unique and honouring day for your family.

Whether your quest for Funeral Information relates to Cremation, Burial, or International Repatriation, or even the types of Flowers, Coffins or Cremation urns available; our caring staff will answer all your requests.

For Funeral costs, Pre-arranging or even Prepaying a Funeral with the Integrity Funeral Plan  you will find the information in the following pages. There is even a section to help with the difficult job of writing eulogy’s and family tributes.

Because death is difficult to think about and a very hard subject to discuss, most families do not talk about it before the event. As a result, we often find ourselves making difficult decisions at the worst time of our lives when we are very tired, emotional, hurting and often surprised. We believe that with knowledge comes empowerment. We would like you to use this website and our Personal Choices Booklet as a working tool that help’s to promote discussion and give transparency and instruction for the family members left behind. By doing that you are giving the gift of clear instructions and personal wishes that give clarity to those you love who will care for you at that time.

Funeral Services

If you are planning a funeral for the future we would encourage you to complete the "make a submission" at or complete the back section of our Personal Choices Program. These arrangements are then kept in a secure private place for the time they are needed.

Integrity Funeral Services knows no boundaries with our team of funeral directors performing funerals all over South East Queensland with a concentration on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and we would love the opportunity for you to consider choosing us. more